k i r a s n y d e r



What if you discovered centuries-old letters containing clues to crimes happening in the present day—all addressed to you?

In the interactive YA supernatural mystery series Parish Mail, you get to make choices for teen detective Celia Macarty as she solves crimes, battles ghosts, outwits mean girls, and finds romance.

Dead Letter Office: Parish Mail Book 1
Struggling to adjust to a new life in New Orleans and haunted by troubling dreams, Celia finds comfort in new friends like Tilly, a practicing witch, Donovan, the son of a police detective, and the mysterious Luc.

Halloween brings Celia an even bigger mystery: a letter, over a hundred years old, apparently addressed to her.

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Post Mortem: Parish Mail Book 2
Autumn in New Orleans means Homecoming, romance—and murder. When a friend vanishes, Celia believes a desperate letter about an unsolved Civil War-era murder holds the key to unraveling the mystery.

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Season's Greetings: A Parish Mail Short
Celia is eager to enjoy her first New Orleans Christmas, but school has barely let out for the holidays when she learns that mystery never takes a vacation.

Using the clues on a Christmas card from 1933, Celia must unravel a supernatural riddle that takes her all over festive New Orleans—and deeper into her family’s past.

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